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Design cafe was founded in 2011, by award-winning architects & designers Gita Ramanan and Shezan Bhojani, who together bring more than two decades of national and international design experience to the table. A pair of workaholic entrepreneurs, they are both Innovators and Magicians alike and are driven to bring the power of design to millions of life.
Passion is the
Design that has the power to change + better your life is our passion and it shows in our work. We love the challenge of creating your home from your requirements and ideas and we've created them all over the country for doctors and businessmen, software professionals and lawyers, accountants and real estate barons, politicians and those in service, entrepreneurs and some of India's most well-known personalities
good design

A well-designed home makes space for everything that's part of your life. We truly believe that good design has the power to change the way you live, work and play and that this change should be accessible to YOU, irrespective of your project's size, budget or location.

This is what drove us to create the best designs, showcase them online and create processes to customize them for YOU for FREE. We are allowing our designs to be experienced by everyone...

Innovation is
the future

At Design Cafe we constantly ask ourselves: What's next? How can we make the home a better place to live in? It's this quest to Innovate that constantly drives us to create revolutionary design solutions for your home.

Innovations in design and technology will usher in new solutions going-forward. This is why we have a core design and technology team that is working 24/7 to create designs that are future-ready, with features that will make your home a better place to live-in.

We take
With our experience, we have seen and identified all the pain-points involved in designing and executing your home interiors. We're taking responsibility and have chosen to manage every part of the process that goes into the design of your home, which is why we design and build ourselves. We insist on the best materials to ensure that our designs get the execution support they deserve. We don't just create great designs, we ensure we implement them.
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Ar. Shezaan Bhojani
Chief Astronaut
We call him our Chief Astronaut: he wants DC to go to the Moon! "Think Big or Go home" is the philosophy that guides Shezaan through life. Not content with just being one of the many, Shezaan wants to build the biggest and best Design & Build firm in the World- and won't rest till we get there.
Under his leadership DC has designed & built projects across the country from Chennai to Kolkota. An Architect by qualification, he has travelled the world and sourced the best for our clients from Spain, Italy, Dubai & Indonesia. This exposure is translated into the products we design for our clientele, ensuring we are truly world-class.
Ar. Gita Ramanan
Chief Design Alchemist
She is the "Mission Control" to the DC rocket. "Design is not just what it looks like, but how it works". This is Gita's approach to every design project and her penchant for perfection is apparent in every aspect of her life. Gita heads our Brilliant design team and is a confirmed bibliophile.
She has excelled in academia, sports, etc. and is our resident 'Chief Alchemist', transforming all she touches to gold. An Architect by qualification, Gita's passion for perfection guides our design team to ensure each project is executed to perfection. No detail is too small. Each project gets the care and attention it truly deserves under her leadership.
Chief Tech Wizard
Our Enigmatic Head of Technology is camera-shy and prefers to do all his work behind-the-scenes. He has over 17 years of experience and a Master's degree from IIT Kharagpur. His ability to stay ahead of the technology curve is why we are so confident that DC will be a leader in Home design and technology.
Wait for cool gadgets for your home coming from DC's tech stable. We're harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) for Homes- to ensure that everybody has access to a truly Smart Home.
Amar Krishnamurty
Quality Guru
Big and hulking, the only thing larger than him is his heart. Amar is a successful entrepreneur and founder of a multi-million dollar grocery & manufacturing business.
With a Masters degree in Manufacturing from the University of Texas, he heads our Quality-Control and Manufacturing division. His team ensures that every piece of furniture meets his exacting standards of perfection. He alternately inspires, prods, cajoles and inspires us.
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Over the past decade our team has designed and built over 500 projects across the country- from individual homes, small apartments, large offices, restaurants, schools and hotels.

Working with international brands and discerning clients ensures that we settle for nothing less than the best. We bring all this experience to every home we design. We value each home and each Client's dream for it and know how to create it.

It's time you placed your home in the hands of experts