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We're not new kids on the block.
Building/buying your home is one of the most important decisions of your life and getting it ready for you and your family with the perfect interiors is what remains for you to enjoy for many years to come. At DC we've designed and built over the past decade, won design awards and had our homes published in many magazine. But more importantly, we have REAL people who live in and love their homes every day.
Come,benefit from our experience every step of the way.
Custom designed for you. By Professionals.
The fabulous DC Team is trained to design and build the best homes possible. Delivering the perfect homes are our passion and we eat, sleep and breathe this quest for happiness of our clients every day. Our team of professionals are trained to ensure that each space is perfect and custom-designed just for you based on your style or budget.
Everything is taken care of, with care.
Once you sign up with DC, our team takes over and manages the entire process for you. After finalizing your design we help you in the picking of the curtains that match, to finding the right lights for each space and even checking if your builder has provided the correct number of electrical points. All this and more so you can just relax and leave it to the experts.
We'll have you home in 90 days. Period.
Our deadlines do not change. Each project is planned and tracked every step of the way so your home is installed and ready for you to move-in in exactly 90 days, every single time. You can also track each milestone online as it happens, so you are in the know, every step of the way.
Advice first. Business later.
Our process begins first with advice for your space. Our team understands your requirements and helps you select a look that works best for your lifestyle and space. We know with our experience how to plan your budget so that you get the maximum bang for your buck. Even if you do not choose to build with us, it does not matter... come in for some advice, we want to help anyway we can :-).
Quality is a commitment. 61 months of warranty.
Each piece manufactured by us goes through a stringent 51-point quality-check to ensure each piece's quality. We use only the best brands from across the world to make your furniture: be it Laminates from Greenlam to hardware from Hettich. Each product is tested to ensure it lasts you much more than our 61-months warranty period.
Innovation that will change your everyday.
Each space of your home has space for Innovation. We're designing and testing some of the most innovative pieces of furniture to make your everyday easier. Like pull-out mirrors from wardrobes to beds with in-built electrical sockets that will make you wonder how you ever managed without before. Visit our design catalogs to see all our innovations... and keep visiting as we test and add more to our pages.
Making each room better



Make each room in your home better.